MACCOM Group analyses the MACro influences on global COMmodity markets. 

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Maccom Group is a commodity research company specialising on analysing the global bulk, metal and energy markets. Our research style is predominantly top-down, looking at how the economic, business and investor cycles impact commodity demand, supply and prices. 

We like to keep our research products short and punchy to deliver the key messages to our readers quickly. We produce a wide range of products from timely Commodity Chat comments on market moving events, medium-term Insight Reports and longer-term looking Presentation Packs.


Our commodity coverage spans the base metals (aluminium, copper, nickel, zinc and lead), precious metals (gold, silver platinum and palladium), the bulks (iron ore, coal and bauxite) and energy markets (crude oil and LNG).


Our extensive market experience combined with complete independence from any financial institution allows us to act entirely in the best interest of our readers. As well as our written research products, we can present our analysis directly to our clients by online conferences to face-to-face meetings.

Mark Pervan is founder and CEO of MACCOM Group


Mark has been involved in the research and strategy of global financial markets for over 20 years. He is well known as an industry expert in the natural resources and energy sectors, with a strong focus on global bulks markets, gold  and China steel industry.


In Mark’s most recent roles he ran the Global Commodity Research team at ANZ Bank and the Market Demand team at specialised Commodity Research house, AME Group. While at ANZ, his team was highly ranked regularly in regional research broker awards.

A good part of Mark’s career has been marketing to commodity investor groups, industry participants and government bodies around the world, giving him a unique perspective on the market dynamics. He also has a strong public speaking background and participates regularly in industry-based conferences.

Mark also worked for Japanese Investment Bank, Daiwa Securities SMBC as the Head of Australian Equity Research and ABN AMRO as an Australian Gold/Base Metals Mining Analyst.  Mark grew up in New Zealand, graduating from the University of Victoria holding degrees in finance and economics.