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Strategic Insights of Global Commodity Markets

MACCOM Group is a specialised independent research company analysing the MACro influences of global COMmodity markets. The research style predominantly looks at how economic, business and investor cycles impact commodity

demand, supply and prices. 

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We publish a range of research products from timely commodity news blogs, insight reports, key data and price forecasts and market presentations. Our core coverage is in global precious & base metals, bulks, and energy markets.

We provide for our clients’ internal needs, including commodity market conference calls and face-to-face senior executive and board room level strategic meetings. As part of the package we provide a detailed presentation report tailored to the briefing.

We will work with our clients to support specific commodity based investment decisions, internal commodity planning and forecasting scenarios. The tailored service will call on a more bespoke and detailed offering from our standard research products.

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